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My Story 


Being an athlete is hard. And dealing with injuries is even harder.  

As an athlete, there is always a fear of being injured. My biggest fear used to be tearing my ACL. I never expected it to happen to myself, but when it did I was presented two options: change my mindset and attack rehab, or let the injury overshadow and control me. 


It took a lot of dedication, hard work and commitment to get stronger. I pushed myself to new depths and made a lot of sacrifices I never imagined I'd have to do. 

While I never hope to have to go through something like ACL rehab again, I am thankful for the experience I gained from it. I have come out a mentally, physically and spiritually better athlete. 



With the increased presence of social media, we often find ourselves comparing oneself to others. This can cause unrealistic expectations and lead to unhealthy habits. 

I have fallen victim to the unhealthy social pressures put on individuals and let it hinder my eating and daily life. I was hyper focused on trying to follow a strict diet and comparing myself to the models on my Instagram feed.


 However, then I started to shift my focus internally and eliminate the external factors that made me unhappy. I found an appreciation for ditching diets and focusing on living a healthy lifestyle and what makes me feel good.

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